William Meisner was the original owner of the North Western and Mid-Sodor Railway. Sir Topham Hatt was his assistant, who inherited the railway after Meisner's apparent death. Meisner was possessed by Proteus on several occasions to write the scrolls that Meisner later disposed of in Duke's shed, where Don found them and founded the Order of Cas-ny-Hawin.

Meisner's disappearance was unsolved for many years. In 1954, when Phil Aardman, Robert Stewart, Michelle Stewart, Duke, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam went on an expedition to Mid Sodor, they found Cas-ny-Hawin station. When Phil, Robert and Michelle entered, they found Meisner's rotting corpse amid dozens of half-written scrolls. He had a gun pointed at his head and there was a blood stain on the wall behind him, making it clear that he had committed suicide.