Hello Everyone, Sudrian Trainspotter here! As the admin of the Sudrian Conflict wiki, I would like to begin by commending everyone on their hard work here recently. A wikia is a collaborative effort, and after working here by myself for a considerable time, It does me good to see other users doing there part to contribute.

As the wiki continues to grow, I feel it would be advantageous some ground rules for editing/general conduct on the wikia. In the interest of transparency, I want to post the outline I have thus far before I post it. The rules are as follows:

General Rules

1.       As per wikia guidelines, all users must be age 13+. Anyone younger than 13 will be banned in accordance with the policy.

2.       Please do not use profanity or NSFW language here.

3.       Spamming and vandalism will not be tolerated.

4.       Please avoid editing for the sake of points and mini-modding. These practices are counterproductive.

Image Guidelines

1.       When uploading images, avoiding uploading images that are:

a.       Fuzzy

b.      Have bars on either side of the photos

2.       Give the image a title as appropriate.

3.       When creating galleries on pages, center the gallery when possible.

Comment Guidelines

1.       Comments on pages should be used to suggest changes to the page. Avoid asking irrelevant questions or posting nonsense.


1.       Admins will use their discretion to monitor activity on the wiki.

2.       If a user is found to be in violation of general guidelines, they will receive a warning on their message wall.

3.       Multiple warnings will result in a block. Admin discretion/the circumstance will be used to determine the number of warnings and the severity of the block period.

Please contact an admin will any concerns or to report activity which does not align with these rules. 


Please feel free to leave feedback, additons or clarifications in the comments, and I will make the nesecary modifications before I post them. Other than that, keep up the good work folks!

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