Turns for the Worse is the fourteenth episode of Sudrian Conflict.

Turns for the Worst
Hatt getting out of his car
Season 1, Episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date December 26th, 2014
Dates of Episode May 20-21 1945
Written by turtlesandthomas
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Sir Topham Hatt, Phil Aardman , Mr. Percival and some police men arrive at the docks and find Leo dead and mounted to the Sodor Billboard. Topham assures Percival that he had nothing to do with the incident and will try his hardest to put the one responsible behind bars. That night after work, Phil finds a slightly drunk Sir Topham Hatt outside of Knapford Station. Hatt explains to Phil that if ever something were to happen to him or if he were to retire, Phil would inherit the railway. The next morning, Hatt has a splitting headache due to his drinking the night before. His headache and fatique only worsen when he's told that an accident has happened and he must investigate. Hatt stumbles to his car and arrives at the Sodor Steamworks where James came off the line with some tankers. Before James can explain what happened, Sir Topham Hatt's car bursts into flames. After the fire is eventually put out, a policeman shows Hatt a piece of the wreckage which has been marked with the words "Mr. M", simillar to the Sodor Billboard. Hatt comes to the conclusion that Mr. M must be a part of the Blockade Committee and pays the group a visit at the quarry. Sir Topham Hatt states that Simon Johnson is Mr. M. The latter doesn't confirm or deny this, but he does explain that he wants Hatt and Percival to get along like civilized adults and resume trading. That night, Hatt drunkly goes to the Old Mine and tells Percival that he's won. Before the latter can comprehend this, Hatt offers Percival dinner with both of their wives to put behind their fued. Percival agrees.