Tucker (also know as Young Tucker) is an engine from the workshop where Percy was purchased from.

Bio Edit

Tucker is a Red E2 who was in a workshop alongside Percy and other engines, When Sir Topham Hatt was in need of a new tank engine after The Tender Engines protested their treatment Sir Topham Hatt went to the workshop to purchase a new engine. He pointed to a small green engine but the men working there thought he had pointed at Tucker. Before the tarp had been completely removed from Tucker, Sir Topham Hatt clarified his intentions and the tarp was lowered back down, much to Tucker's disappointment. After the workshop is closed for the day, he can be heard complaining why he wasn't purchased and sobbing and claiming that he was a jinxed, before another engine told him to stop, saying that "people want to pretend he doesn't exist".

Appearences Edit

Season 4 : Conflict in the Shed (not fully seen)

Trivia Edit

  • Tucker is a character meant to represent a user named Tuckinator15, Tuckinator15 creates custom models for EE93's series.
  • Tucker's appearance in Sudrian Conflict is meant to be a joke.