The Final Solution is the sixteenth episode of Sudrian Conflict.

The Final Solution
Thomas confronting his friends about the strike
Season 1, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date January 6th, 2015
Dates of Episode May 22nd, 1945 - May 23, 1945
Written by Turtlesandthomas
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Percy is at a water tower near Knapford Station, thinking about Culdee and his 'glorious diesel-free railway'. After Percy fills up with water, he heads to the yard. The yard manager tells him he has to take a train of cars from the Steamworks. When Percy arrives, he notices that the cars are diesel fuel tankers. Percy is furious. That night when he returns to Tidmouth Sheds he complains about this to the other engines. They become upset as well and Percy declares that they shall go on strike. The next day Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabel when he notices this. Thomas is confused and James explains that none of them will go back to work until all the diesels are gone. Thomas is shocked. He reminds them of how Diesel saved his life not long ago and says that the feud and the strike are just dumb. He states that they're no better than the diesels themselves. The engines agree and Thomas leaves. Meanwhile at M.C. Bunn, the controllers are having a meal with their wives. Both agree that their feud is meaningless and they decide that it is time to stop. For a brief moment, the Island of Sodor is at peace.