The Disheveled German Man is the nineteenth episode of Sudrian Conflict.

The Disheveled German Man
Alfred Herman waking up.
Season 1, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date January 22nd, 2015
Dates of Episode May 25th, 1945 -
Written by Turtlesandthomas
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A small rowboat has washed ashore at the docks and Sir Topham Hatt and some policemen are investigating it. An officer wakes up a man in the boat, but he begins shouting in German. He then passes out and Hatt instructs the officers to take him to a hospital. Meanwhile at the quarry, Simon begins explaining his newest plan to push the controllers over the edge to the Blockade Committee. Simon, Lars and Matthew make their way down to the yard and ask the Spiteful Brakevan if he can assist in their scheme. He agrees. Later, when Diesel arrives to shunt, the brakevan convinces him to move him next to Scruffey. The van explains Simon's plan to Scruffey, he agrees as well and tells the other trucks. Later, Percy arrives to take a train of trucks. Scruffey and the Spiteful Brakevan just so happen to be in said train. When they reach the viaduct, the trucks hold back and race down the line, through the tunnel, and into a pile of coal at the transfer yards, making Mr. Percival cross. With the transfer yards shut down, Rusty and Duncan were assigned to work at the mine instead. Their controller comes to see them and asks how the work is getting on. Rusty is fine with it, but Duncan is very tired, prompting Mr. Percival to get a new engine. The engine arrives the next day, named Bertram, and he begins to become friends with the other engines. Bertram is ovbiously named after Sir Topham Hatt, and this makes the latter cross. He attempts to call Percival, but his phone doesn't work.