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Welcome to the Sudrian Conflict Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the dramatic series of the same name, which is produced by turtlesandthomas. Feel free to contribute information pertinent to the series on this wiki. Be sure to consult our Rules Page to make sure you adhere to the established guidelines. Thanks for stopping by!

What was your favorite Overarching Plot line in 4a?

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Episode Guide:

Season 1:

  1. Sodor Day
  2. Tensions Emerge
  3. False Retaliation
  4. The Quarry
  5. Duke and Duchess
  6. Hatt’s Day
  7. Betrayal
  8. Justified Retaliation
  9. Modernization Marches On
  10. Revolutionary
  11. The Blockade Committee
  12. Change
  13. Keeping Status Quo
  14. Turns For The Worse
  15. Differences
  16. The Final Solution
  17. Conflict Resumes
  18. Early Days
  19. The Disheveled German Man
  20. Poor Choices
  21. Help
  22. Hatt

Season 2:

  1. Consequences
  2. Reform
  3. Day of the Diesels
  4. Discipline
  5. The Oiler Committee
  6. The UK Trip
  7. Confirmed Suspicions
  8. Terror
  9. Internal Affairs
  10. The Conflict Begins
  11. Scrap Engines
  12. Maron Station
  13. Nocturnal Intervention
  14. Phil
  15. Authority

Season 3:

Season 4a:

  1. Lineage
  2. William
  3. Mid Sodor
  4. Caledonian Barons
  5. Irons in the Fire
  6. Ryan the Quarry Engine
  7. Chilling Point
  8. Conflict in the Shed
  9. Ballast
  10. Grand Unraveling

Season 4b:

  1. Not Like Him
  2. Sheep's Clothing
  3. Bull of the Woods

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