Smudger was an american narrow gauge engine who drew the ire of Duke.


Smudger was an American engine who worked in Pennslyvannia prior to his time on the Mid Sodor Railway. During his transition, his regauging was poorly done, which accounted for his problems with rough running and derailment. Despite this, Duke's pride and arrogance leads him to look down upon him with disdain. After a while, Duke grew tired of Smudger, and reported him to the manager. Subsuquently, Smudger was turned into a generator behind the MSR sheds.

After a while, Smudger was relocated to the Cas-ny-Hawin mines as a pump engine. Upon his failure, the mines were flooded and the Mid Sodor railway was abandoned and left to decay. With no steam left, Smudger sat in isolated decay for many years. 

Many years later, Duke begins to feel guility for his actions against Smudger. Quite fatefully, Smudger overhears Duke's remorse for being the cause of the Mid Sodor's closure while he, Sir Handel and Peter Sam were waiting at Cas-ny Hawin. Smudger finds solace in this, and encourages Duke to "make things right by finishing what you started." Sir Handel, Duke, and Peter Sam whistle loudly to cause a large boulder to fall from the hill above Smudger's shed, crushing Smudger in the process and bringing him peace after years of suffering for Duke's wrongdoing.  

Trivia Edit

  • The model of Smudger used when the boulder crushes him is a bootleg.


Season 4: Mid Sodor

Voice ActorEdit

  • Julian Risetto