The Skarloey Railway is a narrow gauge railw

A cliff overlooking a portion of the railway.

ay situated on the eastern side of Sodor. It was formerly controlled by Mr. Percival and his assistant Leo.

History Edit

The line was built on top of the former Mid Sodor Railway.

The railway's primary source of income is derived from the Transfer Yards, a trading point between the Skarloey and North Western Railway. Following some incidents which left Mr. Percival and Sir Topham Hatt at odds, Sir Topham Hatt chose to close the Transfer Yards in retaliation against Percival. With no other source of income, Mr. Percival looks towards reopening the old mine which has been formerly abandoned.

Engines Edit

Staff Edit

  • Mr. Percival (Controller; formerly)
  • Leo (Mr. Percival's Assistant; formerly)
  • Fritz McCloud (Transfer Yards Workman; formerly)
  • Various other workmen

Locations Edit