Simon Johnson, known posthumously as the "Sudrian Psycho", was the founder and leader of the Blockade Committee.

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Early LifeEdit

As a boy, Simon had little to no friends and was taught by vicar Charles Laxey. He also was in a relationship with a woman named Lisa and the two got married sometime later. When Lisa was pregnant with Stephen, she broke up with Simon and elopes with Charles Hatt. On April 29th, 1936, Simon killed Charles by tying him to the railway tracks where he is run over by Diesel.

Season 1 Edit

Simon and a group of disgruntled workers start the Blockade Committee after Sir Topham Hatt cut all trades with Mr. Percival. After the group is formed, Simon takes charge, proclaiming that the group should go on strike to accomplish their agenda. He manages to unite the group, proclaiming that they should go on strike.

Season 2 Edit

After Hatt's death, Simon became suspicious about Alfred Herman, and after bombing his camping ground, Simon told Herman that Matthew was behind it, which resulted in his death. Simon slowly began to lose his mind and he had no plan for The Blockade Committee's future. Though his plans to kill the Duke and Duchess of Boxford do pull through. After a while, he had to take his fury out on others, first murdering Reverend Laxey, and after finding out his plot overthrow him, Lars. In the final episode of the season, Simon pursued Phil Aardman across the island with the intent of killing him, but after Phil escaped Sodor in a boat, Simon sees no point in living anymore. So, he ends his life.

Season 3 Edit

Simon only appears in newspapers.

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  • Simon has made cameo appearances in EE93's series episodes Samson, BoCo, and the Man in the Hills and Culdee Fell.

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