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With the release of Authority, the series seemed to have come to a close. But in his July 2015 update Video, Turtlesandthomas informs the audience that rather than discountinuing the series as he intended, he is instead decided to continue the series and is in the process of writing a third season. On September 1, 2015, he published a teaser video announcing the Third Season of Sudrian Conflict. EnterprisingEngine93 revealed in one of his update videos that Sudrian Conflict would resume on resume in Late September of 2015. The thirty-eighth episode of the series was released on September 16, 2015.

Episodes Edit

38. Inheritance Part 1: Phil and his now long-time friend Robert Stewart begin to uncover a mystery surrounding Sodor's origins. Meanwhile, Thomas is faced with a new adventure-becoming a museum piece. While Thomas is away, a few arrivals to the island make it clear that they will be keeping things on Sodor interesting for a long time to come.

39. Inheritance Part 2: While Thomas is away at the Great Railway Show, Ryan and Stephen cause trouble on the Northwestern Railway.

40. Inheritance Part 3: Stephen slowly begins to have a bigger role on Sodor as Ryan quietly slips into Thomas' role on the Northwestern Railway. Meanwhile, Jenny Packard encounters several ex-miners bearing noble intentions.

41. Inheritance Part 4: With Rudolph Diesel in a shed in the woods of Culdee Fell, Phil Ardman receives a history lesson of Sodor.

42. Inheritance Part 5: Now that Stephen has control of Sodor, the cultists have a far easier time conducting their operations. What does the future have in store for Thomas? For Sodor?

43. Inheritance Part 6: With Phil and Thomas gone, Stephen continues to manage Sodor singlehandedly. How long will his rule last after Robert Stewart pays a visit?

44. Inheritance Part 7: Phil Ardman, Robert Stewart, and Lewis Packard return to Sodor to confront Stephen. Meanwhile, the order of Cas-ny-Hawin plan their final attack.