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Season 2 Edit

Season 2 was released March 2015. The Events of Episode #23 picked up where #22 Hatt left off.

23. Consequences: Alfred Herman's plans for Sodor reach fruition. What does he have up his sleeve? Where is Simon? Will Sodor ever get back to normal?

24. Reform: Alfred Herman continues to instill changes upon the railway, but are they for the best? And the mysterious Mr. M has made himself more present than ever before...

25. Day of the Diesels: Rudolph Diesel's plan for Sodor is at last realized. As modernization creeps up on the engines of Sodor, Simon hatches his next plan.

26. Discipline: Alfred Herman continues his plans for Sodor, much to Simon's suspicion.

27. The Oiler Committee: The story of how Andy the diesel first came to Sodor.

28. The UK Trip: Phase 1 of Alfred Herman's plan reaches completion.

29. Suspicions: Sodor is empty. The railway is practically nonexistent and things only seem downhill from there. Is there any hope for Sodor?

30. Terror: The slowly rising diesel takeover increases, and allegiances are put to the test.

31. Internal Affairs: The engines no longer feel safe staying at Tidmouth Sheds,Simon deals with some inner demons, and Lars finally breaks his silence.

32. The Conflict Begins: The story of how Thomas became Sodor's #1 engine.

33. Scrap Engines: Sodor is deteriorating worse and worse by the day. Is there any hope for the engines?

34. Maron Station: After Percy is kidnapped, Thomas and Gordon go off to rescue him.

35. Nocturnal Intervention: Phil, Oliver, and Toad set off across Sodor to rescue Thomas and Gordon. Will they make it back in one piece?

36. Phil: Phil goes on a final mission to rescue Thomas from the diesels.

37. Authority: Phil must try to save himself as everything on Sodor collapses around him. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns to the island to wreak further havoc.

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