Phil as he appeared during much of the series

Philip "Phil" Amos Aardman was the assistant to Sir Topham Hatt before his death. He was controller of all 4 of the sodor railways. He was the main protagonist from Season 2 onwards.

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Phil Aardman was raised by Amos Aardman in New York City in the early 1900's. The latter owned a mechanic shop at which Phil worked, but once the Great Depression hit, Phil travelled overseas to the U.K. to find work. Sometime before May 1st, 1945, Phil became the assistant controller to Sir Bertram Topham Hatt. Hatt and was required to conduct surveillance of Farmer McColl and Charles Laxey to make sure they do not break Sir Topham Hatt's cease trade proclamation. Even when McColl's tractor trailer burst into flames, the two continued watching.

A few days later, Phil witnessed Sir Topham Hatt send Rudolph Diesel away, quite suprised by the change in times. He later spoke to a slightly drunk Sir Topham, who informed him that if something were to happen, Phil would inherit the North Western Railway.

When Simon Johnson of the Blockade Committee set the Dieselworks on fire and blamed Mr. M the following week, Phil asked Sir Topham Hatt if he really believed Simon. Hatt, partially drunk and partially angry, fired Phil on the spot. Phil wandered around Sodor, until he eventually joined the Blockade Committee. Although after seeing how dangerous and corrupt Simon was, Phil's participation in the group began to decline. He found the new controller Alfred Herman, and after finding out that Adolf Hitler and Alfred Herman were one and the same, was shot in the shoulder by Herman, only to be saved by Rudolph Diesel.

In Sins, Phil was stabbed to death by Stephen Johnson on May 1st, 1968.

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