Nelson working with Oliver at the Quarry.

Nelson was a lorry who worked at the Quarry on loan by Packard & Sons Co.

Bio Edit

Nelson like the rest of the pack was owned by Packard and Sons Co. and was one of the few to reside on Sodor and work in the quarry with Oliver the Excavator. And was to witness the unfortunate death of Bill who fell into the bay. Under the rain of Alfred Herman (Adolf Hitler) and when the workmen left to join the Blockade Committee, Nelson and Oliver were the only ones who were doing the work, unfortunately while the two were working with Ben and Scruff, who were discussing about the Blockade Committee, Nelson suddenly begins to move forward much to everyone's surprise. Nelson calls desperately for help, but it is too late and he falls off the cliff to his death below as a result of Mr. M, and causing a small argument between Ben and Scruff, the latter of Ben calling himself a jinxed or cursed whenever he came to the quarry.

Trivia Edit

•An additional model of Nelson without a face is present at the transfer Yards.

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