The Mid Sodor Quarry, also called just the quarry, or the project site, is a large location on the Mid Sodor Railway and

Many vehicles and workmen working at the quarry.

now the Arlesdale Railway.


The quarry was used by the Mid Sodor engines during the line's heyday. Following Smudger's failure as a pumping engine, the mines flooded and the railway closed as a result.

Many years later, Phil Aardman, Robert and Michelle Stewart went on an expedition to Mid Sodor with Duke, Sir Handel and Peter Sam. There, Phil discovered the run-down worksite and found it very suitable for ballast excavation, which was necessary after Sam C. Ruffey refused to sell ballast to Phil. Over the course of the following months, the quarry was put back into service. Standard and minimum gauge rails were added, old rubble and foliage were removed, and a shed was installed. John Hurt found a very old treasure chest here as well, but during it's discovery he blew up a section of rock, trapping Phil and Michelle inside the shed for a short while until they were rescued by Lewis Packard and his machines.

The quarry is currently used by the small railway engines to supply ballast to the entire island and its railways. It was wrecked in 1965, however. Sam Ruffey, still bitter over losing the business of his only client and causing his company to go bankrupt, took a stick of dynamite to the mine. He lit the fuse and used the dynamite to commit suicide, which also destroyed the mine. Phil was left briefly regretful of building the railway in the first place, blaming himself for Ruffey's death until Michelle insisted that it was only due to Ruffey's carelessness.