Maron Park is a park near the North Western Railway. It serves to honor King Maron, the former ruler of the region.

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The park was created in honor of King Maron's kingdom, and a statue of him has been erected in the park. When WWII was declared over, the citizens of sodor gathered at the park to celebrate. But the celebration was abruptly interrupted when a car rushed into the park and pulled the statue down from its pedestal, dragging it out of sight.

Following the incident, the statue was not replaced, leaving the pedestal empty. Sir Topham Hatt came to the park for some time to think, only to have Percival come and confront him about the cease trade.

After Diesel's sacrifice to save the steam engines by blowing himself, Dodge, and Andy up, Phil Ardmen decided to use the metal from Diesel, Edward, Gordon , and Lady's remains to make a statue not only to honor Diesel, but for the other engines and innocent people who had lost their lives during the course of the conflict of 1945.

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