Lewis Packard was the owner of Packard and Son's Lo

Lewis at the Mid Sodor Quarry.

gging Company, and the husband of Jenny Packard.

Bio Edit

Lewis Packard joined the military and befriended Robert Stewart during the process. When Lewis left, he sold his clothes at Sudrian Pawn, a store at Tidmouth Beach. Simon Johnson later bought Lewis' hat.

During the events of "Inheritance"/Season 3, Robert and Phil Aardman sought his aid to claim back Phil's railway. After this was done, Lewis watches Robert's attempt at apprehending Mason and Griffen, and accompanies the police to arrest Mason later. He also finds his briefly kidnapped wife in the process.

In "Irons in the Fire", he and his construction team were employed by Phil to help out with "The Project".

In "Caledonian Barons", when S.C.Ruffey was causing trouble, Packard is the one who recommended Donald and Douglas to Aardman.

He and Jenny were also present at Phil and Michelle's wedding. ("Not Like Him")

He died a few years later when one of his engine Ferdinand blew up, and blasted him off a bridge. ("Bull of the Woods")

Appearances Edit

  • Season 3: Inheritence Parts 6 and 7
  • Season 4: Caledonian Barons, Irons In The Fire, Ryan The Quarry Engine, Ballast, Grand Unraveling, Not Like Him and Bull Of The Woods (death)

Voice Actor Edit

  • HiroTheJapaneseTrain