Justified Retaliation
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date November 18, 2014
Dates of Episode May 12, 1945
Written by Turtlesandthomas
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Betrayal Modernization Marches On
Justified Retaliation is the eighth episode of Sudrian Conflict.

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Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabel along the line when he is stopped by the Yardmaster. Diesel was supposed to go to the Scrapyards and collect a discarded part, but he has broken down. Despite his protests, Thomas is eventually convinced. Before he departs, he tells Diesel off.

Upon arriving at the Scrapyards, he quickly sees the part. However, 'Arry and Bert corner him, harrasing him and threatening him with scrapping. Thomas sees Diesel looking on behind them, and he pleads with him to rescue him. Diesel leaves however, leaving Thomas quite discouraged. The scrapyard diesels continue to advance when the Fat Controller arrives, being notified of the situation by Diesel.

Following his rescue, Thomas realizes the error of his ways, and apoligizes to Diesel, to which he accepts. Meanwhile, James looks on, quite digusted by the goings on.

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