Gordon was the number four and primary express engine of the North Western Railway.

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Gordon was a very powerful engine that had an astonishing speed of 100 mph. He pulled the express due to his efforts. One day in the early 20's, he had to pull a goods train, but refused to climb a large hill while doing so (much to his drivers annoyance). Edward was sent to act as a back engine, which proved successful.

In 1934, a new tank engine was brought to the island. Gordon liked this new tank engine as he reminded Gordon of his younger days.

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  • The deceased model of Gordon was a TWR Chinese Knock off, with it's face cut off and customized to look like it had bits taken off of him to resemble scrap.
  • Two different models of Gordon were used in Sudrian Conflict; the 2003 Learning Curve Model, and the 1999 model for flashbacks.

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