Duke and Duchess
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Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date October 27, 2014
Dates of Episode May 8, 1945
Written by turtlesandthomas
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The Quarry (episode) Hatt's Day
Duke and Duchess is the 5th episode of Sudrian Conflict.

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The Duke and Duchess arrive on the island for the summer holiday. They have reached an agreement with the Fat Controller to use his railway for transportation, creating a very financially advantageous relationship for both parties. Spencer races off, causing Thomas to derail as he rushes past his branchline.

Meanwhile, Rudolph Diesel is seen near a section of track on the Skarloey Railway. Upon tampering with the rails, he hides and watches as Spencer derails on the tampered track. Quite confused, the Duke and Duchess disembark to survey the accident. Rudolph Diesel then approaches them, offering to sell them a diesel locomotive to replace their unreliable steam engine. The Duke and Duchess decide to accept Diesel's offer.

Upon hearing about the incident, Sir Topham Hatt instantly suspects Mr. Percival as the culprit. Following this, Hatt begins the process of cutting off trade relations with the Skarloey Railway.

Meanwhile, at the Steamworks, Thomas and Spencer dicuss the suspicous nature of his accident.

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