Donald and Douglas are two twin engines from Scotland who were rented by Phil Aardman to take care of goods work on the island.

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Donald and Douglas are two Scottish twins who were on loan from the Caledonian Railway. Originally, Phil had only ordered one engine, but was flabbergasted to find out that two had arrived.

Throughout the course of "Caledonian Barons", the Twins bring order to the yard, and, when they team up with William to stop the antics of the Spiteful Breakvan, order to the island. Accidents come to a halt, and the Twins' reputations soar.

In "Ryan the Quarry Engine", the Twins tease Thomas for being so tired out from pulling a passenger train.

In "Chilling Point", when heavy snow arrives on the island, the Twins prove to be a great asset with their snow-plowing skills, but unfortunately their time on Sodor is coming to a close. When the village of Vicarstown suffers a complete power outage, the Twins help save the day yet again- and for the last time -by clearing the rails to the trapped citizens so Arthur can take them safely away. The Twins are praised for their hard work, but are still sent back to Scotland by the end of the episode, with the assumption that they will never come back, but will always be remembered.


Season 4: Caledonian Barons, Ryan the Quarry Engine, Chilling Point

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  • HiroTheJapaneseTrain

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  • Donald and Douglas were the only characters to be written out of the series permanently without dying.