Dodge was one of the various diesels that was brought to the island after Alfred Herman purchased a surplus of them from Rudolph Diesel. He was formerly part of the Oiler Committee.


Bio Edit

After his arrival along with his twin Splatter to the Island, Dodge become one of Andy's "henchmen" and was there to listen to the story of how Andy first arrived to the Island where he persuaded to take part in their plan to invade the Sodor Steamworks. After much chaos and death had infected Sodor like the plaque Andy had Mr.M attach a pressure activated bomb to the inside of Dodge's engine and discussed his plan of having Dodge crash into the remaining steam engines causing the bomb to detonate. Dodge thought this to be questionable and attempted to get out becoming a suicide bomber. Unfortunately for them Diesel had over heard this and sped up into Dodge causing Andy, Dodge and Diesel to be blown to smithereens. It is unknown if his and Andy's remains were melted down along with Edward, Gordon, Lady, and Diesel's to make the statue of Diesel for Maron Park.

Trivia Edit

The model used for the deceased body of Dodge was a Thomas Wooden Railway Chinese knock off, with the face cut off, and heavily weathered

Between him and Splatter, Dodge has had more appearances then his twin throughout the series.

The Wooden Railway of Dodge that was used in Sudrian Conflicts was a 2011 reintroduced model of him.

Dodge is also one of the first diesels to have a bomb placed in his engine, the second being 7101/Bear in Sins.