Differences is the fifteenth episode of Sudrian Conflict.

Percy and Culdee
Season 1, Episode 15
Vital statistics
Air date January 1st, 2015
Dates of Episode May 21-22 1945
Written by turtlesandthomas
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One day, Percy the green engine is shunting in the yard and spots a very strange little engine on a flatbed. Percy introduces himself to the purple engine who's name is Culdee. Percy questions Culdee's strange appearance and Culdee explains that he is a mountain engine that works on a mountain railway on the other side of Sodor. At the summit of a mountain called Culdee Fell, which Culdee is named after, there is a hotel which is a famous tourist attraction that only Culdee and his brothers that look almost identical to him can travel to. Percy is bewildered and inches closer. He asks Culdee if there are any diesel engines on his railway. A very confused Culdee asks what a diesel is to which Percy responds with a description of a diesel in a very negative tone. Culdee claims that there are no diesels on his railway, causing Percy to wish he was a mountain engine too. Percy then asks why Culdee is in the yard. Culdee explains that he popped a piston and is waitng to be taken to the Steamworks. Since Percy is unoccupied at the moment, he takes Culdee there himself. The next day, Matthew rushes into the quarry and explains to the Blockade Commitee that the controllers have stopped their fued. Simon then decides to go for a walk where he decides to come up with a lie that would keep the Blockade Commitee alive longer as he does not want to give up his power. When Simon returns from his walk, he claims he heard workmen saying Hatt and Percival were only pretending to stop fighting. The workers become furious and turn to Simon for their next plan of action. That night, Skarloey is on his way home but stops in front of the forrest. His driver asks why he has stopped. Skarloey claims theres a ghost in the forrest but his driver passes it off as an old wive's tale. Skarloey's fear only worsens when an engine's whistle is heard in the distance and the ghost itself appears! Skarloey races off back to the quarry where he believes he'll be safe.