D199 (Spamcan) is a blue diesel who was part of the Oiler Committee. He was once on Sodor before, he was sent back after breaking down with a train of tankers, earning the nickname "Spamcan". After Alfred Herman bought a shear number of diesels from Rudolph Diesel, he returned. And was purswaded by Andy to not trust the steam engines, and helped take over the Sodor Steamworks. He was also involved with the scrapping of Edward, and helped Diesel 10 kidnap Gordon during his and Thomas' rescue of Percy who he and Diesel 10 kidnapped the night before, and scrapped the express engine, leaving Thomas and Percy up in The Quarry. After Andy and Dodge were destroyed by Diesel, he and the others were ordered to clean up the mess they had made, which he did and soon he and the other non-compliant diesels were sent back to the mainland.