Bill, was Ben's twin,he worked at the quarry.

Bio Edit

After Ben became derailed at the yards, Bill went to the quarry to fill in for his brother. While he was shunting, the cliff face beneath a siding was blown up, leaving the siding perched above the bay. Bill, unaware of this, shunts the truck into that siding, quickly finding himself in peril. The workmen and Mavis can only watch as Bill slips off the track and into the sea below.

In "Nocturnal Intervention" while Phil Aardman, along with Oliver and Toad go to rescue Thomas, Percy, and Gordon, Ben was telling Arthur about how he and Bill first met BoCo, before sighing and telling the big tank engine that he feels like Bill is staring down at him from the heavens, before we see Bill's dead body all covered in rust at the bottom of the bay.

Apperances Edit

Season 1: Sodor Day (original version cameo), The Quarry

Season 2: Nocturnal Intervention (Courpse only, doesn't speak)

Trivia Edit

  • Bill is the first character to die on screen.
  • The deceased model of Bill is Chinese Knock off, but with the face cut off and covered in model rust.

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