Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date November 14, 2014
Dates of Episode May 10, 1945
Written by Turtlesandthomas
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Hatt's Day Justified Retaliation
Betrayal is the seventh episode of Sudrian Conflict.

Plot Edit

Sir Topham Hatt and his assistant Phil Ardman watch the farms of Reverend Laxey and Farmer McColl to make sure neither of them conduct trade with the Skarloey Railway. At the Transfer Yards, Rusty informs Duncan of the closing of the yards, much to Duncan's suprise. Mr. Percival and Leo look on, commenting on the sorry state of the engines. With no other options, Leo suggests opening the old mine nearby the line.

That evening, the North Western Railway Engines are at Tidmouth Sheds talking when Spencer arrives. Despite the engine's general dislike for him, they sense he is troubled. When he tells them he is being replaced by a diesel, James begins to speak in a derogatory manner about diesel engines, divulging a strong hatred of diesel engines. Edward then warns James not to be like Hitler, further explaining his rule over Europe during the war and his eventual failure to eradicate people he hated. James begrudingly accepts this warning, and Spencer departs, feeling no better about his plight.

The next day, a tractor from the McColl farm departs with a load of grain. Not long after it leaves the farm it combusts, burning the crop and the trailer. Sir Topham Hatt and Phil Ardman look on from afar.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to feature a recap of the events of the previous episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Phil Aardman, who would eventually become the main protagonist of the series.

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