Bear (formerly 7101) was a diesel formerly owned by the Packard & Sons Logging Company, later bought by the North Western Railway.

Bio Edit

Following the tragic death of Lewis Packard, Buck convinced a grieving Jenny Packard to sell 7101 and Diesel 10.

Over the next few years, 7101 and Diesel 10 were passed around a number of railways. Eventually, Phil Aardman was tricked into purchasing them. He kept Diesel 10 for maintenance work, while he sent 7101 to the Stewart Barracks Army Depot due the depot's requests for their own engine. When Robert Stewart noticed Phil's increased security measures on the railway, he followed Phil around on 7101 around with the intent of figuring out what Phil was doing. After catching up with Phil, Robert decided to give 7101 a proper name. He settled on "Bear", after the growling sounds his engine made.

It was eventually revealed that Stephen Hatt had orchestrated Lewis's death so that Jenny could sell 7101 and Diesel 10 to Buck, who was actually hired by Stephen to acquire the two diesels, and he could in turn place the diesel on Sodor. Stephen then revealed that the reason Bear's engine growled was because he had implanted a bomb into it, unbeknownst to Bear. Stephen remotely detonated the bomb, killing Bear and burning down the Stewart Barracks Army Depot.

Voice Actor Edit

  • Vincente22

Appearances Edit

  • Season 4: Sheep's Clothing (cameo), Bull of the Woods (faceless, does not speak), Insecurity (faceless, cameo), Stakeout, In Other Words (cameo), Runaway, Sins (does not speak)

Trivia Edit

  • Bear's model is a 1996 D199 model, renumbered to 7101 (and later D3).
  • He is also the second diesel to have a bomb placed in his engine, the first being Dodge.