Logging locos
Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand
are three engines who live at Packard and Sons Logging Co. 


The trio was brought to Sodor on one occasion in celebration of Sodor Day to compensate for Mallard's delay in arrival.

One day in the late 1950s on the logging railway, while crossing a bridge, Ferdinand's crew found that he had a hole in his boiler and asked Lewis Packard to investigate. When Lewis found the hole, he realized what was about to happen and began to shout an obscenity, but was cut off when Ferdinand's boiler imploded, blasting Lewis off the bridge to his death.

At Lewis' funeral, Jenny was not as upset about Lewis’ death as much as she was angry at Ferdinand.


Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand's enthusiasm and personalities collectively make them come off as irritating, which causes great amounts of displeasure for their colleagues.