Authority is the thirty-seventh episode of Sudrian Conflict and was planned to be the final episode.

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Season 2, Episode 37
Vital statistics
Air date July 1st, 2015
Dates of Episode 1935 - June 27th, 1945 - May 1st, 1946
Written by Turtlesandthomas
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Phil Inheritance Part 1

Plot Edit

The episode opens up with the origin story of Diesel. It explains why he was brought to the North Western Railway, to replace Edward as the Knapford Station pilot. His favorite job is to retrieve coaches, often imagining himself as an express engine, pulling a numerous amount of coaches, filled with happy passengers singing his praises. James however, disregards Diesel's dreams, telling him to push them in future, that way he would be able to get back to the shunting yards faster where James says he belongs and tells him to leave. However Edward is more supportive, telling Diesel to keep going and one day his dreams would come true. From that day on, Diesel tried his hardest knowing one day he could pull the Sodor express. We then cut to 1945. Simon Johnson has his two minions holding Phil Aardman hostage. He discusses his plan to Phil, and then pulls out a gun. then a ship appears. Alfred Herman and three other soldiers depart. Simon sees Herman and tells his minions to hold Phil and then walks toward Herman. Simon plans to confront him, but before he can, Herman asks Simon where the Culdee Fell Railway is. Simon tells him the directions. While he is, Phil pleads Simon's minions to let him go. the minions refuse at first, but after Phil states they will be killed as well, the pair let him escape. When Simon comes back he tries to kill them, but relises his gun is empty. He then lets the pair go, but swears revenge, and proceeds to chase after Phil. Herman and his men find Bertie, abandoned and dirty, but still useful .they soon arrive at the Transfer Yards , where they find Duck and Henrietta, and use them to get to the Culdee Fell Railway. When Duck arrives at Arlesdale End Station, Herman finds Culdee with a coach. the men scramble aboard his coach and Cudee departs. We then cut to Phil, hiding in tidmouth sheds with BoCo, Annie and Clarabel. Simon arrives, and interrogates Phil tries to escape however Simon sees him, and the chase is on. Phil runs through McColl Farm, where he passes Terence, Trevor and Rev. Charles Laxey's corpse, Simon stops for a brief moment. We then cut back to Culdee and Herman. When they arrive, at the station, Herman spots a railway missile.He says to load it on to the train, despite Culdee's warnings. Culdee and Herman then depart from the station. We then cut back to Phil and Simon, where Phil boards the ship Herman arrived, and went out to sea leaving behind Simon. Simon, distraught by this, began to cry. holding the gun he had used to end Laxey's life, he ended his own. We then cut to James and Diesel. James had fallen asleep and instructed Diesel to guard him. However his brakes had not been set properly and he rolled backwrds, blocking Diesel's view. Diesel reversed waking up James, who snapped at Diesel told him he hated him, an told him to leave. Diesel did so. We then cut back to Phil with General Robert Stewart and the U.S army, Inspecting Simon's corpse. General states he believes Phil and must stop both Herman and Mr. M. We then cut back to Diesel, who sees Andy and Dodge, discussing their plan to kill the steam engines.Diesel knew he needed to protect the steam engines, so he charged into Dodge, blowing all three to smithereens. We then cut to Culdee and Herman, Where Culdee has finally got back to Arlesdale End, where Herman and his soldiers loaded the missile on Duck's train, and set off. However, because of Diesel's sacrifice, Herman and his men were trapped. they were shot and killed by General and his army. Phil then told General of all the conflicts the island had been through in May and June. General then asked what the fastest way to the Scrapyards was, and Boco, Annie, and Clarabel answer. at the Scrapyards, Diesel 10 reveals what he will do to Thomas, and the identity of Mr. M is revealed. Mr. M is arrested, and General asks Phil who is in charge. Phil does not know who is in charge, but thomas says Phil is in charge. Phil decides to become controller, and General promises Sodor will be cleaned up in a year. And true to his word, General cleaned up. Percy and Mavis were rescued. Duke was found in a munitions shed. and after Henry, James, Duck, Henrietta, Oliver, Toad, Arthur, Ben, and Scruff were able to reach the other side of the mountain, Diesel 10, Splatter, D199, and Dennis were sent back to thier original railways. Everything was back to normal. Well except one thing. Edward,Gordon,Toby,Bill,Lady,Spencer,Derek, and Diesel were dead. But when there remains were given to Phil, He had an idea. Sodor Day next year, a bronze statue of Diesel was unveiled, to honor those who had died during the conflict. Everyone was happy the conflict of 1945 was over and peace was finally restored.



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