Aardman Family

Anne (far right) With her Mother, Father and Brother.

Adina Aardman is the daughter of Phil Aardman and Michelle Stewart.

Bio Edit

Anne is the first child of Phil and Michelle Aardman.

As a baby, Anne spends much of her time playing with her mother, but seemingly never spending any time with her father. In "Sheep's Clothing", Michelle points this out one day when Phil is showing his disinterested baby son some toy trains. She states that maybe he should spend some time with Anne, who seems to be looking on at what her father is doing with actual interest. Unfortunately, Phil shies away from this and states that he does not wish to interfere with his wife and daughter's mother/daughter bond. Meanwhile, Anne continues to look over at the toy trains.


Anne as a young girl

In "Fortunate Son", we see Anne, now a young girl, happily playing by herself with two dolls, one a stationmaster, one a passenger. This is interrupted by her brother Stanley, who fires a slingshot at her. It turns out that Stanley has to spend the day with his sister since both his father and mother are too busy. The siblings are both annoyed at this prospect.

In "In Other Words", Anne is seen talking to her mother about getting moved up a grade because of her smartness.

In part 2 of "Sins", Anne becomes controller of the North Western Railway. Anne also buys an engine and names him "Stanley", after her deceased brother.

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Appearances Edit

  • Season 4: Not Like Him (does not speak), Sheep's Clothing (does not speak), Fortunate Son, Insecurity

Voice Actor Edit

  • Annie C. (as a child)
  • Michelle Hurtado (as an adult)